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    Pure Facts

    • When it comes to feelings, pink always symbolizes good things. No one associates negative feelings with pink. It is the color of charm, courtesy, sensitivity and sentimentality.
    • The name of this color derives from a flower (you can imagine which one). Almost all qualities related to this color are considered feminine. Because it is the combination of a warm and a cool color, it is also said that pink is the color of compromise.
    • On the other hand, most painters use shades of this color to paint people's skin; for this reason, it is also said that pink is the color of nudity, hence it also has a close relationship with the erotic.
    • It is one of the favorite colors of children and young people, perhaps because it is the color of small, tender, soft, gentle and of course, childhood.

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    • Despite the popular idea that pink clothes is for girls and blue for boys, the opposite was true at one time. In some famous paintings, we can find many examples of children who were dressed in pink, as is the case of little Prince Arthur in Winterthaler's painting.
    • On the other hand, I'm sure you've heard and also said something about "life is pink". Well, you should know that pink is the color of illusions, dream and romanticism. A world of pink is very beautiful to be true, so expressions like the one we have mentioned above are used to refer to a "perfect life". Otherwise, it is said the typical "" or "life is not pink".

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    Positive aspects associated with pink color you need to know

    • Kindness
    • Courtesy
    • Commitment
    • Tenderness
    • Eroticism
    • Romanticism

    Here are some curiosities about the color pink

    The word "pink" comes from the Latin and designates color and flower equally. From the 13th century onwards, it was introduced into Castilian vocabulary.

    In Western cultures, it is associated with the feminine, sweet and innocent. On commercial dates, it is linked to love and sentimental relationships.

    In some flags of cities and municipalities, it has been used with different symbols. In the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, the pink flag represents joy and happiness. The Colombian municipality Circassia uses it as a reference to peace and harmony, and in La Tebaida, it symbolizes civism and progress.

    Until 1965 the rose was considered a color of exclusively female use, but with the advent of women's liberation movements, they began to promote its use among men.

    Today, the relationship between pink and femininity has been perpetuated by manufacturers of clothes and toys for girls, who have found the color to be an excellent way to market their products.

    Romantic and erotic novels are categorized in many bookstores as "pink novels".

    Astrologers link it to the Libra zodiacal sign and claim that pink people are diplomatic, realistic and romantic.

    In the psychology of color, it represents compassion, care and love, feminine qualities. It is said to calm emotional energies and relieve feelings of anger, aggression, resentment and abandonment.

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