Pink Color and Its Different Shades of Decoration

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Some experts in the field have called it the colour of the grape harvest, due to its similarity to certain varieties of wine, but others also prefer to call it "Honeysuckle", and the truth is that pink, whatever its name or the shades in which it appears, has earned a place in home decoration.

In fact, unlike what we often believe, the idea is to present this color as something daily, strong, lively, for the bravest who dare to use it and absorb the good vibe that radiates in the environments. The times when this was related to girls' rooms are over and more and more, color has been able to gain a place in the most used spaces in the home, although it will never cease to be a classic in this segment. 

Rooms in pink color

A house with a pink gives a clear sign of the person's personality, his confidence, courage, and detachment from the one who will say and above all spirit, to carry out what is proposed, whatever the opinion of others. 

If you think of pink in nature, you can get images such as flowers in spring and summer evenings, happy moments, warm climates, good feelings. 

Pink Color and Its Different Shades of Decoration

That is why if you were looking to incorporate a tropical color that would give your salons a revitalizing air; we invite you to appreciate this interesting photo gallery. 

I know of many girls who are crazy about this color and would like to have EVERYTHING in pink, but many don't dare because they are afraid of being branded as cheesy or making them feel bad. This is because this color has always been very much related to girls and their pink world and also because it is terribly difficult to combine. 

Pink Color and Its Different Shades of Decoration 2

It is not necessary that all the decoration you have in your home be of that color, you can use it only for ornaments or walls. For example, you can place a strong pink armchair in a living room with the white decoration. Another thing you can do in pink decoration is to use bedding or cushions for the living room, depending on where you are going to put this style. This applies to carpets, curtains, and all types of textiles. If you are going to opt for textiles, then brown is the right color for the rest. 

Pink bedrooms

A long, cold winter in many parts of the world has many dreaming of lilies and tulips. But you can get a spring feeling inside by changing the color of the wall or bedroom accessories to a warm, floral color. 


When pink colors speak to us, we immediately think of femininity as well as the meaning of the green color being nature. 

But, really, the meaning of pink goes beyond the feminine, because the psychology of color shows us that pink is identifying of kindness, softness, affection, love and awakens the protection factor towards it. 

Young people have always considered pink as childish and immature, and perhaps they are not at all wrong, the fact that it reflects love and affection may be factors to consider it childish, and many even consider it corny.

Pink Color and Its Different Shades of Decoration 3

The pink shade is very common for the distinction of a newborn baby, as babies identify with all the qualities of this shade. 

The people associated with this color are usually women and are sensitive, loving and may need a little protection in their daily lives. 

People who are attracted to pink tones can be involved in both facets, it is very common for women who are attracted to pink to be self-centered, and are always creating false illusions about what they might become.